All the contestants who compete in Freestyle divisions need to register here.

*You can compete up to 3 divisions.

*Pay online via PayPal

*If you choose “Pay at the Venue” 1 division = KRW30000 , 2 divisions = KRW50000 , 3 division = KRW70000

*Visitors do not need to register. All visitors please pay the entrance fee (KRW10000) at the venue.

Pay at venue 선택하신 분 이외에는 페이팔 접속하셔서 결제를 완료하셔야 합니다.
결제를 하지 않으시면 참가신청이 완료되지 않으니, 결제까지 반드시 완료하시기 바랍니다.!